The joys of pregnancy… First Trimester

First time around pregnancy was absolute bliss! I was happy, feeling good and had plenty of energy. This time around is a totally different story, I think I’m breeding the devil…

It’s so crazy how everyone suffers differently during pregnancy (and yes, I think suffering is the correct word of choice). So, what delightful issues have I had this time around? How long have you got? Just joking! Here are my top 5…

1. Nausea. This one is the worst! It comes on like the drop of a hat when you least expect it. I was getting motion sickness whenever in the car and could barely focus on the television at night. You get really hungry and then you plate your food up and can barely finish the first mouthful before pushing the plate away and resorting to plain crackers for dinner. Oh and the worst thing of all (but at the same time probably the best) is I couldn’t stand the sight let alone the smell of alcohol. Walking into Dan Murphys with the hubby was like a vegetarian being forced to go into an abattoir. You would also think that being really nauseous would make you vomit, this is not the case. Trust me I tried! You pretty much just have this horrible feeling in your stomach.

For me nights were the worst, morning sickness…. what a stupid name! I spoke to the Doctor about what I could take and he said to take B6 vitamin (as it can easy nausea and treat morning sickness) and if that doesn’t do the trick in a few days go and get some Maxolon from the chemist (you need a script for this one). I tried both of these and neither worked for me. When I saw my obstetrician around 10 weeks he gave me a script for Zofran which are wafers you place under your tongue but thankfully the next day my nausea seemed to clear up on it’s own. Needless to say this horrific symptom only lasted about Weeks 6-11 for me, just praying it won’t return again!

This is the B6 vitamin I tried.

2. Heartburn. I had it a bit in my first pregnancy but not until the third trimester. No one told me it can come in the first too! Holy hell talk about a world of discomfort. When I got this symptom again this time around I googled how to get rid of it. Eat smaller meals and make sure you eat slowly. Ah excuse me! Do they know they’re dealing with a pregnant woman who is also currently dealing with severe nausea where I have to eat quickly to help the nausea disappear?!
The other one was not to drink while your eating. I actually gave this theory a good crack…. did nothing!
The only thing I could find to temporarily fix this bloody uncomfortable symptom was medication! It was a temporary fix but Mylanta seemed to do the trick. I’d pop one before I ate or even once I had the pain and it would slowly but surely fade away….thank god!

For all you expectant mothers out there that suffer from this one, I feel for you, I really do!

3. Cramping. This one I feel like a real pro talking about. I remember my mum saying ‘I didn’t have cramping with any of you 4’, well half your luck mum! Clearly I didn’t inherit this gene. I suffered with cramping the whole pregnancy last time and it seems history is repeating itself. My cramping started right when I found out when I was pregnant and is still present in my life today… 18 weeks pregnant.
I’ve spoken to my doctor about it and he said a lot of pregnant women suffer from this symptom. As long as it’s not matched with bleeding it should be okay. Rarely is my cramping bad enough where I have to take something for it but if it was I would take Panadol or Panadine. I do have cramping every day, and some days are worse than others. It pretty much just feels like period pain (which is total bollocks considering one of the joys of pregnancy is supposed to be the fact you don’t get your period, along with its stupid symptoms…or so I thought!). I do find that a heat pack works (temporarily) as does a belly rub from the hubby, I have to force him into this one but I find that if you just drop the ‘I am pregnant and in pain card’ it seems to kick them into gear.

4. Fatigue/Tiredness. This one is the worst! (I know I said that earlier about nausea but I’d forgotten about being tired for a split second). It also hit me super early, like 5 weeks! And lasted until about 12…. 7 weeks of utter hell! It was probably also around this stage that I regretted buying and moving into a 3 storey townhouse, those stairs were killing me. I’d have to have a quick break on each level just to reach the top.
Most days I would be ready for a nap by about 11am which was not possible as toddler doesn’t sleep until 12:30. I found it so hard to parent the poor child for this whole time. I constantly felt exhausted and all I could do was sit on the couch and read him books. Afternoons were also really hard. I had to wait for hubby to get home so he could do the bath routine and prep/cook our dinner. I was such a lazy sloth! It seriously would have made me look like the most unappealing woman on the planet. Needless to say I could not make it through each day without a nap at some stage, whether it be in the middle of the day or at 6pm.

We had plenty of these. Cuddles on the couch, aka I couldn’t be bothered moving.

5. Sore boobs! Ouch Ouch Ouch! It hurts to put a bra on, take one off and even walk in one. I had the same feeling last time I was pregnant so wasn’t surprised that I had it again. Mind you I have gone from an A to a C so what do you expect! I actually find wearing sports bras is the best kind of relief, it jams them in there with restricted movement which is what you need to minimize the pain. I stupidly wore one of my beautiful Victoria’s Secret push up bras to the golf club one day (what an idiot!) and whilst driving the golf cart through the bushes (don’t ask why I was there) I encountered a range of tree roots. The hoon I am was flying over them and the 2 girls were bouncing around like crazy! It was so bloody painful I was letting out all sorts of inappropriate language. Needless to say the beatitufl VS bras have taken a back seat in the bra draw for a long while.

This Nike classic swoosh crop is my ultimate fave to keep the girls tucked in! Plus it comes in a variety of colours.

Goodbye first trimester, you were a bitch! I’m ready for the ‘blissful’ second trimester.